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6th Training Course on Basic Knowledge and Bonding Technology of Adhesives


Learning is like sailing against the current; if you don't study, you will go backwards.
In order to enhance the mastery and application of basic knowledge and bonding technology in adhesives enterprises and sales personnel, and cultivate adhesives talents, the 6th Training Course on Basic Knowledge and Bonding Technology of Adhesives was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, from December 18 to December 21, 2018, which was sponsored by China Adhesives and Adhesives Industry Association. The training course attracted nearly 100 technical engineers, sales managers and related business managers from all over the country. Guangzhou Ecopower New Materials Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the technical training course.

The training course on basic knowledge and bonding technology of adhesives has been held successfully for five sessions since 2013. Following the welcome speech by Yang Xunzhi, Vice President and Secretary General of China Adhesive and Adhesive tape Industry Association, the training session officially began. This training course mainly focuses on the technology, formulation and application of sealants, including basic theoretical knowledge, practical application and solution of difficult problems. 8 senior engineers, such as Wuchuan Researcher of Hangzhou  University, Dr. Wang Tianqiang of Chengdu Silicon Bao, Professor Huanghe of Suzhou University, Professor Wei Liuhe of Zhengzhou University, Dr. Zeng Zhaokun of Tianshan in Beijing and Liu Yun Engineer of Maitu High-tech Material, were invited. School and enterprise experts share basic knowledge and technology on silicone, polyurethane and silicone modified sealants. Through the combination of theory and practice, the training course has a profound and simple way of teaching. After class, students communicate with teachers and students actively, have tea breaks and watch movies collectively. During the short training period, not only have they gained knowledge, but also have gained sincere friendship and feelings. Through the training meeting, they have broadened their horizons and exchanged actively, which makes them unforgettable. Good memories.

In recent years, with the vigorous development of the domestic real estate construction industry, a large number of new technologies, new products and new applications of building adhesives have emerged, especially the assembly building supported by the state in recent two years. This provides a huge space for the development of building adhesives, and also puts forward higher requirements for building adhesives and building materials. It is an opportunity and challenge. In foreign countries, such technology is relatively mature, and the construction industry has put forward more requirements. There is still a lot of room for improvement in China.

In the formulation of building sealant, silane modified sealant and silane modified sealant greatly solve the stickiness between the adhesive and metal, increase the contact angle and increase the stickiness. Silane as a modifier and dewatering agent plays a vital role in the modification of polyether silica gel by silane. Guangzhou Ecopower New Materials Co., Ltd. is a large-scale domestic enterprise producing silane coupling agent. Through years of development, it has produced a variety of silane coupling agent containing sulfur silane and special silane. Among them, amino silane, vinyl silane, epoxy silane and other high-end products such as silane modified sealants and polysiloxane sealants are highly respected by high-end customers. In line with the concept of professional and pragmatic, the company adheres to the road of combining production, education and research, adhering to the tenet of "credit first, quality first", will strive to provide better silane coupling agent for the majority of downstream customers, and promote the development of the adhesive industry towards a more high-end and diversified direction.

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