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Silicon development


Silicon is an important petrochemical alternative material, energy materials and electronic materials.Silicon has a crust abundance of 27 %, second only to oxygen (46 %) and is about 1,000 times more abundant than carbon, and is extremely rich in resources and has huge potential for exploitation.
Large-scale and low-cost utilization of silicon resources to produce energy and materials required by human society, and to cope with the threat of fossil materials, reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse effect, is a necessary road leading to the future of human society. Therefore, the development and utilization of silicon materials has become the focus of industry and the whole society.

Silicon industry in China after years of rapid development, has been basically formed by organic silicon, high purity silicon, nanometer silicon, silicon metal, high purity quartz as the main pillar industry of the whole industry system, the main products of the production, consumption and export scale of the world, our country also has become the world's leading silicon material production and consumption power, and for many years for other countries to provide the basis of a large number of silicon raw material, the basic set up covering scientific research, engineering development and downstream applications, subject and improve the system of silicon materials research and development, has obtained many achievements of industrialization.

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