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Oil products increasing


According to zhuo chuang's calculation, the rate of change of crude oil was 4.42% on the 7th working day of the closing of October 15, corresponding to the increase of 192 RMB/ton of gasoline and diesel oil, which was converted into the price, 92 RMB gasoline and 0 diesel were increased by 0.15 RMBand 0.16RMB  per liter.Based on the current increase of 192 RMB/ton, when the new price adjustment window of domestic refined oil products will open on October 19, the gasoline of north China, south China and southwest parts of China will enter the "8" yuan era again after five years.

Affected by the rising oil price, domestic logistics costs will further increase, oil price rise will direct transmission to the end of the consumer industry, price rise is unavoidable.

With Iran's oil exports plunging and Saudi and Russian output barely visible, the oil market is on edge, pushing up prices further.Although China's refined oil and international oil prices are not completely positively correlated, the trend of international oil prices is still of guiding significance to the adjustment of refined oil prices.At present, under the influence of the international crude oil market, the products we deal in petroleum resin are also on the rise.

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