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2015 ​Explosions at Tianjin port delay some iron ore deliveries to steel mills


 Explosions at Tianjin port delay some iron ore deliveries to steel mills
Date:2015-08-18 18:22:42 

      Massive explosions late Wednesday at north China's Tianjin port have closed main roads connected to two iron ore loading areas at the port, resulting in delays in iron ore deliveries to some steel mills, industry sources said Thursday.
Tianjin itself is one of the main iron ore ports in China -- the world's largest importer of the steelmaking raw material.
      The Nanjing and Beijiang port areas are the two main iron ore facilities in the massive Tianjin port, from where material is loaded onto trucks for deliveries to steel mills around that area.
Both Nanjing and Beijiang have halted delivery operations for the day, and vessel discharging has also been halved.
     "It is the first time we are seeing roads leading to both port areas being closed, and this will affect our iron ore supply, especially since we have been keeping very lean inventories of only 10 days [supply] at our premises," said a Tianjin-based state-owned steelmaker source.
      The source said the company usually sends trucks to the Nanjing and Beijiang port areas and then transports the collected iron ore to the plant which is less than 100 km away from the city.
      "Our contractual shipment will arrive at Tianjin after this week, but we may buy iron ore from other nearby ports if the roads to the port area are not opened by then," the source said.

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